Credit Services

Johnson Madison Credit Services

We offer credit accounts to qualified professional/commercial and residential customers.  A credit limit is established based upon an amount that commensurates with your needs and qualifications.  Standard terms are 10th prox, which means that all material purchased in a particular month (our billing month completes on the 25th) is due to be paid for by the 10th of the following month.  This allows time to coordinate the project's construction financing with the lending institution/title company, etc, and payment to Johnson Madison for the materials. The convenience of having a credit account allows the delivery of your materials without the need of cash, credit card, or checkbook on the job site. Of course, any of these payment methods are accepted as well.  We can also separate your billing statement into job accounts, thereby providing accounting and administrative assistance to our customers.  You can even choose to have your monthly statements emailed to you instead of waiting for the mail. 

Please click here for our credit application. 


Of course we accept cash, local checks, and all major credit cards as well.